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What does my insurance cover?

This depends on the flavor you chose:

  • Basic: only accidental damage cover (€100 deductible per claim)
  • Comfort: cover accidental damage and theft with violence/burglary (€100 deductible per claim)
  • All inclusive: same coverage as comfort but without franchise

What is accidental damage?

Any destruction, total or partial damage that disrupts the proper functioning of the insured device. The cause of this destruction or damage must have arisen suddenly, independently of the will of the insured, unforeseeable and outside the device. For example: fire, water damage and fall damage.

What is not covered in the event of accidental damage?

In the event of accidental material damage, the following are not covered:

  • The damage of an electrical or mechanical nature as a result of a defect or error in the materials, in the construction or in the assembly;
  • The damage for which the insured can rely on the warranty of the manufacturer/constructor;
  • The damage to or loss of the device once it has been handed over to a carrier or company for repair or adjustment;
  • Damage attributable to a defect or fault in the device and which already existed wholly or partly when the agreement was concluded or the guarantees came into effect;
  • Damage of a purely aesthetic nature, such as scratches, discolouration, cracks,… that does not impede the proper functioning of the appliance;
  • The damage due to normal wear and tear of the insured device;
  • Damage to a device whose serial number is illegible or altered;
  • The damage caused by the network or by data carriers (virus, computer fraud…);
  • The damage to media or information carriers as well as the costs of reconstructing the information and the additional operating costs.

Does the insurance also cover water damage?

Yes, the insurance covers water damage.

Can a device with water damage still be repaired?

We never know in advance the outcome of a repair. This can only be determined after the device has been sent to the repair company.

My device is broken but I don't have a backup of my data, can this data be saved?

No, when a device is sent for repair, it is always equipped with the latest software, which means that the personal data is also deleted.

If the device still responds when you connect it to the PC, you may be able to make a backup yourself before having it restored.

How much is the franchise?

This depends on the chosen flavor.

Can I still change my insurance?

Once an insurance policy has been started, it cannot be changed from flavor.

Can I cancel my insurance?

No, this is fixed when the device is purchased.