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My lease

Below you will find all frequently asked questions about the topic 'My leasing'.

Where can I find the offer I can order from?

You can find the offer from which you can order in

What are the terms of use of the device?

During the term of the agreement entered into, the employee will use the device made available to him with due care in accordance with its nature and destination.

To this end, the employee undertakes:

  • Take the necessary preventive measures against theft and/or damage
  • In the event of theft, immediately report the theft to DEVSO
  • In case of damage, immediately contact DEVSO for repair. The employee bears the cost of the repair. If it concerns a device with insurance for accidental damage, the employee only bears the deductible if applicable.
  • Personally responsible for fines, violations using the device.

Violation of the terms of use in this article will be considered a personal fault and can lead to the full liability of the employee concerned.

Damage resulting from the violation of these terms of use and more generally from a lack of care or negligence are also at the expense of the employee.

Can the lease be terminated early?

The right of use of the digital device can only be prematurely terminated or interrupted in the following cases:

  • End of the employment contract
  • Theft of the digital device
  • In the event of a long-term suspension (e.g. illness or (work) accident for a period longer than 12 months if there are insufficient Ucoins available
  • In case of permanent suspension
  • Gross negligence in the use of the digital device and/or serious violation of the policy

When leaving the company or when the provision of the digital device ends, the employee must return it in the condition in which he received it, taking into account normal wear and tear. He undertakes to pay for damage that is not the result of normal use.

In the event of theft, the user will immediately report this to DEVSO and the user will bear a termination fee equal to the remaining lease terms and the residual value of 16%.

In the event of early termination of the contract, the user can purchase the digital device used by him at the residual value applicable at that time. If the employment contract is terminated by the user's decision and as a result the lease of the digital device is terminated early, the user will bear the termination fee in the amount of the remaining lease terms and the residual value of 16%.

If the digital device is not returned within a period of 1 week after the end of the period of availability, this will be regarded as the will of the employee to purchase the digital device. The employee agrees that the payment will be processed through a net deduction in the payroll. If the balances in the payroll are not sufficient, the remaining amount will be paid by bank transfer.