To assist you in the latest trends and “unburden” From the intensive workload involved in managing a hardware fleet, we have developed a number of services for small and large companies.

Mobile Device Management allows you to manage and secure the devices used by the employees. You can manage the entire hardware fleet via an MDM portal. This management can be carried out completely yourself or you can opt for a managed model in which our experts take over this service for you.

Enrollment and configuration of your device onsite and offsite.

Asset manager tool

Prepare devices for use upon delivery. e.g. charging and placing casing, installing proprietary applications,…

Tailor-made courses

CYOD portal with the possibility of a personalized webshop for the purchase of mobile devices and the use of digital vouchers.

Are you experiencing difficulties in drawing up a company mobile policy and do you want to be sure that nothing is left to chance? Devso can provide advice and support you in drawing up a company mobile policy.

Devso also has a repair service. Repairs can be requested by companies/employees. We can take care of a backup device, the collection of the device to be restored, the repair and return of the repaired device.

Devso also contributes to a better environment through our own Recycle program. Devices that are end of life can be offered in our recycle program, if the device is still in good condition and has sufficient value. This makes it possible to recover money from this device.