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Can I insure my device?

• If the value of your device is higher than 300 euros, the lease contract automatically includes insurance. You can choose to upgrade it.

• If the value of your device is less than 300 euros, you can choose to take out insurance.

How long is the warranty on my device?

DEVSO follows the manufacturers' standard warranty conditions (2 year warranty on the device, 6 months warranty on the battery).

Can I buy additional warranty?

No, this is not possible.

Can I also use my device for private purposes?

The provision of a Digital Device by the employer to employees for mixed professional and private use constitutes an advantage in nature according to current regulations. You can use the device for both work and private purposes. Each month, an amount will be deducted from your salary based on this benefit. Social Security contributions and taxes are due on this Benefit in kind (BIK):

• Smartphone & Tablet: VAA 3€/month

• Laptop & Desktop: VA 6€/month